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We are pleased that you have
visited our website. 
We invite you to join with us in song, prayer, the sharing
of the Word, and our varied activities. 
Upon a visit you will observe that we truly are a church of caring and loving people. 

If you so desire, you may mail your
tithes or offerings to the church:


2625 Tonawanda Creek Road

Amherst, NY 14228

Attention Treasurer



       We invite you to join with us as we worship God in song, prayer and the sharing of His Word. Our prayer is that this service will meet needs in your life and that you will receive something that will help you in the days ahead. 
       The object of the service for each of us is to worship God together and to receive what He desires to accomplish in our lives.



      At the close of the service the altar is open to you. Should you desire to have prayer, to be annointed for healing according to James 5:14 or, just to share something on your heart, there will be those who will pray with you.

      We invite you to any and all of these services. We believe the Bible to be God’s divine guidance in every area of our life-and then God gives the Holy Spirit to empower us to live the life taught in His word.
     Though we speak plainly and boldly what we believe God’s Word to teach. We will always attempt to do so kindly, considerately and in a loving spirit. We likewise believe in the moving of the Holy Spirit in our midst-allowing Him to move through our lives.

      However, we trust that no one will ever be embarrassed or feel out of place in our services, and will do everything possible to make you feel at home in our worship.

     You will find that those who worship are friendly, caring, praying people, who seek to help you in any way they possible can by prayer, counseling and sharing a helping hand!

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